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WhatsApp is going to stop working on older iPhones from October 22

WhatsApp will reportedly stop working on older Apple iPhones later in the year. A report by Mashable India tells that the popular instant messaging app could stop supporting older versions of the iOS software as early as October 2022.

Those versions include iOS 10 and 11. According to the report Whatsapp has already started alerting iPhone users on the older versions of the changes that might come.

Like most apps, WhatsApp needs to be regularly tweaked to be optimized for all phones and devices it supports across iOS and android to desktops. The development team needs to focus recourses on new software and new devices, which it can develop new features while maintaining the app.

This means eliminating support for older software versions used by very few users.

With iOS 16 to launch soon, and iOS 14-15 being the more popular versions of the software right now, not many iPhones are affected by the decision. The primary devices that still function on the older software are iPhone 5 and iPhone 5s.

If you’re on iOS 10 or iOS 11, and your model supports an update, you can head over to Settings > General and then tap on the Software Update option to check for updates and update your device.

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