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PRESSE MEDDELELSE: Gratis kurser om Facebook Strategi & Annoncering

27. januar 2017

Social Image, et online reklamebureau i Vejle, tilbyder et kursus om Facebook strategi og annoncering for virksomheder og ledige.

Det bedste af det hele? Kurserne er helt gratis.


Kurserne introducerer deltagerne til både strategi og avancerede metoder til succesfuld Facebook marketing. Kurset er designet til ansatte, som arbejder med virksomhedens Facebook side.  


Men der er også kurser til ledige, som ønsker en introduktion til strategi og annoncering. Og der kan udstedes et deltagerbevis, hvis det ønskes.


Kreativ direktør for Social Image, Allan Loumann Lissau, uddyber inspirationen bag kurserne:

“Virksomheder kender nødvendigheden i at bruge Facebook til markedsføring, men de ved ikke nødvendigvis, hvordan de skal gribe det an. Disse kurser handler om at lære de ansatte hvordan Facebook fungerer,  og hvordan de udarbejder den bedste strategi hertil. De får viden og værktøjer, som de kan tage med hjem til deres virksomheder og skabe merværdi. Der gives ligeledes kontante råd til at annoncere på Facebook. 


Hvert kursus varer 2 timer placeret på tirsdag eftermiddag - og der er plads til max. 10 deltagere pr. gang.


“De små grupper gør det muligt at lære hinanden at kende - også indbyrdes blandt kursisterne. Det giver god mulighed for at få besvaret spørgsmål, men også en god indbyrdes erfaringsudveksling.”

“Social Image arbejder til dagligt med Facebook og de udfordringer det byder. Vi har fingeren på pulsen, så kom forbi til en tirsdag eftermiddag. Vi deler gerne ud af vores viden. Alle brancher er velkommen - alle bruger idag aktivt Facebook til markedsføring - kom og få inspiration til at nå målene. ” afslutter Allan Loumann Lissau.   

Du lærer følgende:  

  1. Facebook markedsføring
    - Trends og udvikling
    - Hvordan får man succes med FB
    - Facebook strategi

  2. Facebook - sådan virker det!
    - Fans, hvor mange skal vi have?
    - Prioriteret væg
    - Hvad gør vi for at få større synlighed?

  3. Facebook annoncering
    - Sådan virker annoncering. Og virker det?
    - Boosted posts m. fordele og ulemper
    . Promoted posts m. fordele og ulemper

Tilmelding på følgende link:

PRESS RELEASE: Change of location - a new life for SI

27. January 2016

2016 is going to be a big new year for Social Image, and one part of that is a new office space.

Located on Damhaven 3 in central Vejle, the new office is a large, light-filled space.

For the Social Image team, the new office is just one sign of their recent progress and their large goals for the future. 

One of the defining features of the new office is its warm and energetic style. Social Image CEO Allan Loumann Lissau says that they were inspired by Google to decorate with modern, bright colors. He noted, “There’s a lot of color to brighten up your day.” The office is also complete with great kitchen facilities, so the Social Image team will always have enough caffeine and snacks to fuel their creativity. 

Another perk of the new office is a large conference room. This will make it easy for Social Image to hold not only important meetings, but internal workshops and courses. Lissau commented, “This space gives us the flexibility to learn and work in new ways. I’m looking forward to using it to help our team grow and to pass those benefits along to our customers.” 

What’s most important about the new office is the possibility it represents for Social Image’s future. When Lissau sees the expansive office space, he thinks about the possibility to expand the company with more employees. When he looks into the conference room, he thinks about meeting with business partners in the years to come. He noted that the new office is “a big step forward,” and it seems to symbolize even more big steps to come. 

PRESS RELEASE: Every campaign derves a great landing page 

21 August 2015

Danish social media company Social Image has announced a partnership with ShortStack, an American company specializing in social media ad campaigns. The goal of this partnership is to provide Danish advertisers with excellent landing pages through ShortStack’s services. 


The partnership, acknowledged by ShortStack VP Adam Hemler and Social Image CEO Allan Loumann Lissau, will benefit both companies and their customers.

Social Image’s Allan Loumann Lissau commented, “In my opinion, ShortStack has the strongest and most flexible product for producing landing pages on both Facebook and the web.” Lissau is excited to be able to provide those landing pages to his customers in Denmark. 

ShortStack stands to gain from Social Image’s local expertise and increased exposure in Denmark. Social Image will be using the domain to launch ShortStack’s landing pages for Danish companies. Lissau commented, “This will be used to build further awareness of ShortStack in Denmark.” 

This partnership is great news for Danish companies who wish to run social media advertising campaigns. A landing page is a stand-alone web page with a singular objective. It motivates a visitor to take a specific action, such as signing up for a newsletter, downloading content, or making a purchase. 

ShortStack specializes in creating powerful landing pages that are easy to incorporate into an advertising campaign. Social Image Content Manager Meghan Woolley commented, “Every campaign needs a great landing page. ShortStack gives us the tools to create effective landing pages that will produce great conversion rates. It’s exciting that Social Image will be able to offer such a powerful tool to its customers.” 

Whether you are a large company with the resources to build campaigns from the ground up, or a small business looking for easy-to-use templates, ShortStack has the features you need to create a powerful landing page. If you would like to test ShortStack for free, please visit At this address you can sign up for a free ShortStack account without any obligation.

PRESS RELEASE: Social Image Introduces New FB Photo Service

1. July, 2015

Images are a central part of any successful online marketing campaign.

More and more, studies are showing that social media posts that include images are much more effective than simple text posts.

It’s easy to understand why: a great picture draws attention and gets a message across much more quickly than a block of text can.

Online, this translates to more views, more shares, more clicks, and better overall engagement. Of course, you don’t want just any images. You want high-quality images that look great, represent you or your business professionally, and attract the eye. 

As social media experts, Social Image understands the importance of great images. Our brand new service, Social Image Photo has been designed with online marketing in mind.

We start by taking sharp, professional photos and end by making high-quality images available online to easily upload to Facebook, a website, a blog, or other social media accounts. It’s an easy way to get fantastic images that highlight the best of a business and that are tailored to marketing goals.  


Finally, we upload high resolution versions of the images to our website. We use SmugMug’s powerful photo platform to provide you with brilliant high-quality images.

We’ll send you a link to your photos, and you can download them directly onto your PC from our website. This makes it easy to use your photos for an advertising campaign, your website, or your social media profiles. You retain all the rights to the images, so you can use them anywhere you want.

We offer our photo service for the following uses:

  • Photos for Facebook advertising

  • Events: receptions, conferences, seminars, etc.

  • Business presentations

  • Business profiles

  • Article photos

For more details and to view galleries of our previous work, visit our Social Image Photo website or get in touch with us. We’d be happy to discuss how we can use photos to elevate your social media marketing.

PRESS RELEASE​: Social Image has been named a Google Partner.

1. June, 2015 

Google Partners are an elite group of online marketing companies that are trusted by Google to provide their clients with expert advice and services. By officially becoming a Google Partner, Social Image has gained a highly respected title and access to new tools to deliver even greater services to their clients.

In order to qualify as a Google Partner, companies must undergo advanced training in using Google tools, get certified in the expert use of Google AdWords, demonstrate successful business activity, and implement Google’s recommended best practices. These standards ensure that all Google Partners can be trusted to help their clients get the most out of AdWords and other online marketing tools.

Allan Loumann Lissau, the Creative Director of Social Image, commented “We’ve worked hard to be named a Google Partner by completing thorough training and enhancing our AdWords best practices. We’re excited to celebrate our hard work with the Google Partner title.” The partnership recognizes Social Image’s expertise in online marketing, as proven by the company’s history and certification courses. 

Meghan Woolley, Social Image’s Content and Press Manager, remarked, “It’s great to see Social Image recognized for good work. I’ve seen Social Image’s expertise first-hand, and I hope that the Google Partner title will help more businesses to find Social Image and benefit from our services.”

PRESS RELEASE: Social Image Keeps you Updated On the Latest News with a Free Android App

21. January, 2015

Danish social media expert Social Image has unveiled its new app for Android. The app, Social Image News, which is free to download, offers users an easy way to stay up to date with all the latest Social Image news and articles as they are uploaded.

The free download was developed in Macedonia by app developer Nace. It allows users to scroll through Social Image’s recent news items and articles on the latest developments in social media.

Social Image’s Creative director and CEO Allan Loumann Lissau said that the launch of the new free app was an important improvement to his company’s news service: “We’re pleased to offer an app that provides users with instant access to concise, direct and useful news on developments in the world of social media, as well as advice for anyone who is interested in making their social media marketing more effective.”  He added: “The app is designed for our clients and for everybody else who is interested in keeping up with our latest posts about news from Facebook and Google as well as other social media platforms.”

PRESS RELEASE: Social Image Launches its English Language News Service

9. December, 2014

Danish social media specialist Social Image has announced its decision to deliver all its news stories in English.

Social Image provides training, consultation and support for businesses which want to promote themselves via their Facebook pages as well as those interested in advertising on Facebook and using Google Adwords. The company’s website features news stories and blog posts with tips and infographics to help users get the most out of Facebook, Twitter and other social media platforms.

Social Image’s Creative director and CEO Allan Loumann Lissau was enthusiastic about the decision to provide an English language news service to website visitors. “I found that a lot of great news content is already being read in English,” he pointed out. "So we decided to follow suit and offer all our news in English.”

He added that using English would help Social Image to take its place in the global marketplace. “This is a great way to improve the quality of our service,” he said. “The idea is make Social Image a competitive company - to deliver a good service which brings people together from around the world.”

Social Image staff contains people from Denmark, UK, USA and Ukraine.

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