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Protecting Teens and Supporting Parents Online

Facebook Press Release

Meta is announcing new tools and features to keep young people safer on Instagram.

  • Launching tools for parents and guardians to see how much time their teens spend on Instagram and set time limits.

  • Stop people from tagging or mentioning teens that don’t follow them.

  • Stricter about what Facebook recommend to teens in Search, Explore, Hashtags and Suggested Accounts.

  • Start nudging teens towards different topics if they’ve been dwelling on one topic for a while.

Involving Parents in Their Teens’ Experience on Instagram

  • Launching tools for parents and guardians early next year.

  • Introducing a new educational hub for parents and guardians.

Parents and guardians know what’s best for their teens, so we plan to launch our first tools in March to help them guide and support their teens on Instagram. Parents and guardians will be able to view how much time their teens spend on Instagram and set time limits.

Facebook also give teens a new option to notify their parents if they report someone, giving their parents the opportunity to talk about it with them. This is the first version of these tools; we’ll continue to add more options over time.

Facebook is also developing a new educational hub for parents and guardians that will include additional resources, like product tutorials and tips from experts, to help them discuss social media use with their teens.

Providing Teens with More Tools

  • Facebook previously announced the development of Take A Break, and we’re launching it in the US, UK, Ireland, Canada, New Zealand and Australia today.

  • Facebook is also starting to test a new experience for teens to better manage their digital footprint on Instagram.

In July, Facebook launched the Sensitive Content Control, which allows people to decide how much sensitive content shows up in Explore. The control has three options: Allow, Limit and Limit Even More. “Limit” is the default state for everyone and based on our Recommendation Guidelines, “Allow” enables people to see more sensitive content, whereas “Limit Even More” means they see less of this content than the default state. The “Allow” option has always been unavailable to people under the age of 18.

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