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New Ways to Shop for Products Across Facebook Apps

Facebook presse release:

Facebook is announcing new ways to shop across our apps, along with solutions for businesses to personalize shopping with ads, and investments in technologies that will shape the shopping experiences of tomorrow.

The way people shop has changed in the last few decades — from visiting malls, to buying online and now virtually trying on sunglasses from your couch. Commerce has been part of Facebook’s DNA for years, with retail brands using personalized ads to reach customers.

Last year, when COVID-19 shut down local economies, we accelerated the launch of Shops to help businesses sell online. We believe the shift to online, social-first shopping is not temporary. One in three shoppers globally say they plan to spend less time in-store even after the pandemic is over, and almost three-quarters say they get shopping ideas from Facebook, Instagram, Messenger or WhatsApp.

Bringing Shops to More People

Facebook has over 300 million monthly Shops visitors and over 1.2 million monthly active Shops. Now, we’re making it even easier for people to discover and buy from Shops.

Soon, we’ll give businesses in select countries the option to showcase their Shop in WhatsApp. In the US, we’ll enable them to bring Shops products into Marketplace, helping them reach the more than 1 billion people globally who visit each month.

Personalizing the Shopping Journey With Ads

Businesses want to offer shopping experiences that are seamless and relevant and we want to provide a shopping experience that is as personalized as your News Feed.

That’s why we’re introducing Shops ads solutions that provide unique ads experiences based on people’s shopping preferences. For example, we’re testing the ability for businesses to send shoppers to where they are most likely to make a purchase based on their shopping behavior, such as curated products that you might be interested in from a Shop or a business’ website. In the future, we’ll explore ways to help brands further personalize their Shops ads by providing special offers or promotions to select shoppers.

This builds on existing tools for business that help them find the right audience like Shopping Custom Audiences and ads with product tags, which enable businesses to send people to their Shop directly from an ad. Together, this suite of personalized Shops ads solutions can help businesses move customers from discovery to purchase.


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