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Facebook tests 'Professional' mode for creator profiles

Meta, formerly known as Facebook is introducing a new ''professional'' mode for profiles, used by creators, looking for new ways to monetize their content on Facebook.

The new 'Professional' mode, will initially only be available to a few creators in the US. Creators will have new options for money-making and insights,.

Among the new features is the Reels Play bonus program, with the possibility to earn up to $35,000 per month based on views per short-form video content.

Access to the program will be invite-only in the beginning, meaning Meta will be deciding, which creators qualify to earn the bonuses.

While Meta hasn't shared any other options for monetization, they noted that there will be Professional-level insight to the creators, similar to what Page owners have. It includes access to posts, audience, and profile insights. For instance, creators will be able to see the total of shares, reactions, and comments that their posts have and can view their follower growth over time.

While a lot of creators already use Facebook profiles instead of pages to gain fans and followers, Meta warns that others that opt into the new experience will be opening themselves up to being a public figure on the platform.

That means anyone can follow them and see posted public content, unless marked private or friends only, as you can do on an ordinary profile.

Facebook is also testing a two-step composer on pages, which lets creators schedule posts and cross-posts into a group.

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