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Facebook is testing End-to-End Encryption

Keeping your personal messages and calls secure is more important than ever. With end-to-end encryption by default on Messenger and Instagram; Facebook is making it harder for anyone to see your messages or listen in on your calls, whether they’re governments, hackers, or companies.

To make sure your messages and calls are always secure, Facebook is testing a new secure storage feature for backups of your encrypted chats on Messenger. This will help make sure you never lose your chats, even if you lose your phone or change phones.

Facebook is also testing other updates and features to deliver the best experience on Messenger and Instagram, including support for multiple accounts, group calling, and more.

With Messenger's new encryption feature, you can finally rest easy knowing that your conversations are safe and secure. You have multiple options for accessing your backups, including creating a PIN or generating a code. You can also choose to restore your conversations via a third-party cloud service, like iCloud.

This means that all messages and calls sent through Facebook will be encrypted and only accessible to the sender and recipient. Default end-to-end encryption for personal messages and calls is coming to Facebook in 2023.

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