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A Complete Guide to Snapchat’s New Memories Feature

If you’re up to date on the latest news about Snapchat, you know the app is rolling out its latest feature: Memories.

Memories is a significant departure from Snapchat’s signature temporary style.

Using the new feature, users will be able to permanently save photos to view and share later. It’s a big update that will theoretically make Snapchat more versatile, encouraging users to snap moments they want to preserve, as well as the ones they want to share quickly with friends.

First things first: how do you know if Memories is active for you yet?

Snapchat is rolling it out gradually throughout July, and they’ve said they’ll notify users with a Chat message from Team Snapchat when the feature is ready to use.

Once you have the update, you can start using Memories by swiping up from the camera. The first time you access Memories, it will ask you to opt in by clicking “Start Using Memories.”

Then you’ll have the option to import snaps you’ve taken recently. You can also import photos taken on your phone’s camera.

The only difference is that snaps you save will be backed up by Snapchat, while photos from your camera roll will not. After opting in to the new feature, you’ll be able to save any future snaps to Memories.

Once you have some photos saved to Memories, you’ll be able to browse them at your leisure.

Again, swipe up from the camera screen to see all your memories. The pictures are searchable by date and location, so you can quickly find a group of photos from, for example, a vacation or an anniversary.

You can also search by keyword. Snapchat is using object recognition to identify matching photos. For instance, you can search for “pool” or “dog” to pull up photos with the desired subject.

The artificial intelligence still makes some mistakes, but in theory it will get better as more and more people use it.

In addition to viewing your saved photos, you can share them with your friends.

To send a memory, just hold down on the photo. Before sharing, you’ll be able to edit by adding filters, doodles, and text, just as you’re accustomed to do with normal snaps.

Then you can send your memories as time-limited snaps or post them to your Story, where they’ll disappear after 24 hours as normal. When sharing an old memory (anything that wasn’t taken in the last 24 hours), Snapchat will add a frame and a time stamp.

There may be photos you want to save to Memories while making sure they stay private. For that, Snapchat has created a section called My Eyes Only.

You can use the menu in the upper left-hand corner to send a photo to this private section. It will then be password protected; you can choose a 4-digit pass code or a passphrase. If you forget your password, you won’t be able to recover it without losing all of the photos you’ve hidden, so make sure you choose something you’ll remember.

As the new Memories feature rolls out, we’re excited to see how it changes the Snapchat experience.


Written by content manager Meghan Woolley

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