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Prisma: The Latest Popular Photo Editing App

It may seem like the app market is saturated with photo editing and sharing tools, but the past month has shown that there’s still plenty of room for newcomers.

Prisma is a new photo editing app that uses filters to transform pictures into various artistic styles.

It has over 12 million users, about 7.5 million of whom downloaded it in its first week in the iOS App Store. 10 million on Android.

If you haven’t seen the artistic stylings of Prisma showing up across your social media networks yet, you likely will soon.

Prisma uses “a unique combination of neural networks and artificial intelligence” to create artistic photos, the app’s websiteexplains.

Instead of layering a filter over the photo, like Instagram, Prisma recreates a new photo from scratch, using an AI that replicates that artistic process.

The result is photos that look convincingly styles, although you can expect different levels of success using each filter for different kinds of photos. Some, for example, work best with landscapes rather than for selfies, and others won’t look great for shots with dark lighting.

The app is simple to use and will feel very familiar to anyone who has used Instagram.

You start by uploading a photo or choosing one from your phone’s picture gallery.

After cropping it, choose from 35+ filters. Many of these are styled after famous artists and works, such as Munch’s The Scream, Hokusai’s The Great Wave off Kanagawa, or Mondrian’s compositions.

Depending on which style you choose, your photo might look like something from a graphic novel, a modern art museum, or a stained glass window. After you choose the filter, you’ll be able to adjust the level of editing, so your photo can look more or less like the original version. Then, you can choose to share to photo on any of your social media platforms, including Instagram and Facebook.

Prisma is still in its early days, and it seems poised to grow.

The app’s team, based in Russia, are adding filters regularly, and soon they’ll be adding features too. Prisma’s CEO, Alexey Noiseenkov, has said that they plan to add video and gif tools. They are also developing the AI to provide suggestions on the best filters. However, the do not currently have plans to develop their own social platform. Instead, Prisma’s images are meant to be shared on other networks.

For marketers, Prisma can be an easy way to diversify the images you share. Simple photos can easily become artistic, visually appealing posts.

So try getting in on the fun!


Written by content manager Meghan Woolley

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