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Facebook’s 2016 Innovation Spotlight Competition Will Reward Marketing Innovators

Last week, Facebook opened up the 2016 Innovation Spotlight competition.

It’s a contest that’s meant to showcase innovators who create cutting-edge marketing services and technologies.

Facebook has run this kind of competition before, previously calling it the Facebook Innovation Competition, but there are a couple of key differences this year.

While previously only Facebook Partners could participate, now any developer or agency that creates marketing services on any of Facebook’s marketing APIs is eligible. Facebook has also split the contest into 3 different categories: Creativity, Real Results, and Personalized Marketing at Scale, which will highlight more total winners.

In a blog post for developers, Facebook challenged, “Make it faster. Make it better. Make it more unique. If you don’t, there’s a good change someone else will.” The Spotlight Competition is looking for innovators whose technology solves business challenges, drives results for clients, and is unique. You can find a more detailed list of qualifications and goals on theFacebook Innovation website.

The Competition is split into three categories that will run successively at different times of the year, functioning as three mini competitions.

The first category, Creativity, is looking for technology that “helps source and deliver quality content and creative at scale.” Its submissions are due by April 8th.

The second category, Real Results, is has a deadline of May 16th. It’s looking for entries that solve “complex marketer challenges in distinctive, innovative ways.”

The final category is Personalized Marketing at Scale, which invites technology that “enables personalization that allows marketers to use it at scale.” The final deadline is July 15th.

Within each category, Facebook will choose three winners, who will win the title of Excellence in Innovation.

From these nine category winners, Facebook will award a Facebook Innovator of the Year and its Global Partner Summit. Winning at either level comes with significant exposure; Facebook will feature all its winning innovators at industry events such as Cannes and dmexco. They are also awarding prizes in the form of advertising credits; they will give out a total value of $500,000.

To apply, Facebook invites you to submit a case study of your service or technology. You can submit a video, images, and documentation as part of your application. Facebook will also ask you what problems your innovation solves, how it helps your clients achieve success, and how you measured results.

This Competition represents a significant opportunity to gain exposure at the top level of social media marketing. If you have come up with innovative solutions to marketing challenges, take a shot at applying!


Written by content manager Meghan Woolley

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