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Twitter to Begin Advertising to Logged-Out Users

Slow user growth has plagued Twitter over the past year, leading to declining revenue and unhappy investors.

Twitter’s latest idea to boost its revenue is advertising to users who are not logged in to its service.''

Twitter has its own form of native advertising, promoted tweets. Currently, these ads only show up for users who have logged into Twitter. Moving forward, Twitter will begin to show promoted tweets to visitors who are not logged in, opening up a new stream of revenue.

Twitter reports that over 500 million people visit Twitter every month without logging on.

This includes users who simply visit the site without creating an account or those who end up on Twitter after clicking a link within search results or on another website.

Logged-out users will see promoted tweets if they visit a profile page or an expanded page for a particular tweet. They will not, however, be on the Twitter home page.

For advertisers, it should be fairly easy to incorporate promoted tweets for logged-out users. Advertisers can use the same ad-creation and analytics tools that they’re used to, and they can incorporate ads for logged-out users into their existing campaigns.

Twitter will support ads that target video views, website clicks, and conversions. The trickier, part, however, will be targeting users, as logged-out users do not have a detailed profile the way that logged-in users do. Instead, Twitter will be using information such as which tweets and profiles a logged-out user looks at to help target ads.

Twitter has not specified how the pricing for logged-out ads will differ, but we can expect that it will likely be cheaper than ads for logged-in users.

Twitter will begin by rolling out these ads on desktop with a select group of advertisers in the U.S., U.K., Australia, and Japan.

They are expected to expand them globally and to mobile devices soon. The new ads will likely not be substantial enough to completely turn things around for Twitter, but they might be one building block in helping Twitter to regain revenue and positive growth.


Written by content manager Meghan Woolley

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