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Facebook Adds New Shopping Tools to Pages

Facebook is adding new tools to help businesses show Facebook users their products and services right on their Facebook Pages.

It’s part of Facebook’s strategy to keep users on Facebook by including more native features.

For businesses, it might be a great way to showcase what they offer and to increase conversions from Facebook.

The update came from a press event with Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg on September 8th.

Sandberg announced that Facebook will add two new sections to Pages: Shopping and Services. Shopping is a new tab that businesses can use to create a catalogue of their products, including prices, descriptions, and pictures.

Some Pages will also be able to sell products directly from their Facebook Page.

The Services tab works similarly, but it showcases professional services instead of products. For businesses, these new tabs might help to generate more leads.

The other big update is a group of new call to action buttons: Contact Us, Call Now, and Send Message.

Businesses will be able to display these buttons near the top of their Facebook Page. The goal is to increase direct communication between Facebook users and businesses.

Facebook plans to develop more call to action buttons and Pages tabs in the future, enabling businesses to customize their Pages and generate more business.

The new Pages tools are still being tested by a small group of businesses, but Facebook plans to roll out the buttons and shop sections gradually over the coming weeks.

The current features have been designed for mobile, and Facebook plans to make them available on desktops later in the year.

Facebook already has Pages created by over 45 million businesses, so these changes have the potential to make a difference. Both businesses and consumers may soon be modifying the way they do business.


Written by content manager Meghan Woolley

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