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Facebook Notes Is Making a Comeback as a Blogging Platform

Do you remember Facebook Notes?

In the early days of Facebook, Notes was a popular feature for text posts that were too long to fit in a status update.

People used Notes to share longer stories with their friends and to fill out light-hearted quizzes. Since then, Notes has fallen largely into disuse, and it hasn’t seen a major upgrade in years.

However, it appears that Facebook is now testing a new design for Notes that may bring the feature back into the lives of Facebook users. The new Notes seems designed for stories that are more like blog posts, and it has a fresh, updated look.

In a statement to Mashable, a Facebook spokeperson said, “We’re testing an Update to Notes to make it easier for people to create and read longer-form stories on Facebook.”

So far, the new version of Notes seems accessible to a small group of users, enabling us to see what it will look like. The new format is clean and modern, with an expanded space for text and less clutter around the edges.

There are no ads in the sidebar, and comments are collected at the bottom of the post. Notes includes a cover photo at the top with the post title, author, and date listed beneath. In short, the new Notes looks a lot more like a blog post. A number of people, in fact, have commented on its similarity to Medium, a popular us blogging platform.

It seems, then, that Facebook is taking on blogging sites with its own blogging tool.

This would certainly fit with Facebook’s recent efforts to host more native content (such as Instant Articles and Facebook Video).

With a revamped design, it seems that Notes could easily become a popular way to tell longer stories on Facebook.


Written by content manager Meghan Woolley

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