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Meta ads game development platform Crayta to Facebook

Meta announced June 8th 2022, that it's bringing Crayta, a Roblox-like game development platform that allows you to play and build games with your friends in real time, to Facebook Gaming's cloud service.

Meta says Crayta provides an easy-to-use developer toolkit and makes game creation more accessible, regardless of being on mobile or desktop.

The company obtained Unit 2 Games, which is the studio behind Crayta, in June 2021. The financials of the deal weren't public, but the entire Unit 2 Games team came on as part of the investment. Crayta originally launched as an exclusive for Google Stadia but rolled out to Epic Games Store last year.

“Historically if you wanted to have something like this run in this high quality of a 3D environment, that would be hard to render in a browser or on phones. But being able to do it with cloud infrastructure and then send it down across the network after having already rendered it in the cloud is a pretty big advance,” Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg said in a video about the launch.

By making Crayta available on Facebook Gaming's cloud streaming service, users don't need to download the game to their computer to play. The free-to-play game development platform will be available to anyone with a Facebook account.

“A lot of times today, people think about the metaverse as 3D experiences you can have in virtual and augmented reality, but I think what Crayta shows is that you can both build and enjoy these kinds of experiences easily on all kinds of 2D environments including just within the Facebook App on phones and computers,” Zuckerberg added.

As part of the announcement, Zuckerberg also revealed that Facebook Gaming is expanding the availability of its catalog of cloud games to western Europe. Meta says that this is an important step for the company to take, noting that this same infrastructure will be instrumental in delivering the metaverse experience across Meta's platforms in the future.


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