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Instagram is working on a 'Not interested' button

Instagram is working on a 'Not interested' button for the Explore section and several new features like the ability to snooze suggested posts.

In addition to this, the developers also appear to be working on the ability to filter out posts with specific keywords, emojis, phrases, and hashtags in the caption.

This will come in handy if you are not interested in certain things or just want some things to stay out of your feed. In the near future, Instagram will let users choose how much sensitive content they want to see on their platform.

To better understand users' interests, Instagram will be prioritizing posts that it thinks the user might be interested in. If you add an account to your favorites, the platform will show more posts from that account.

Users will be able to access a dedicated feed of favorites where you can see posts from accounts you liked in chronological order.

The announcement comes after Instagram has faced criticism over its increasing focus on video content such as Reels over regular posts.

Instagram would also reduce the number of recommended posts in user feeds, which mostly are Reels these days.


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