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Instagram adds 'Boost' Promotion option for Reels Clips

As it continues to improve short-form video, Instagram will enable brands to amplify their Reels via a new 'Boost' promotion option built into the app.

“Reels is our fastest-growing format and an important part of Instagram, as more people watch Reels to be entertained, go deeper with their interests, or discover new businesses. We’re announcing that businesses can now boost their reels to turn them into ads for the opportunity to reach new audiences and drive more engagement.”

Instagram stated.

It could be an excellent way to create viral trends if you're lucky, though there are some things you need to know before putting money behind your Reels.

First off, Instagram says that boosted Reels will be eligible to appear in feeds, stories, the Reels tab, and the Explore page to help new users find you.

To be eligible for boost, your Reels clips must be less than 60 seconds and have a 9:16 ratio, which means they're filmed vertically and have a fullscreen format. Reels that use third-party IP such as copyrighted music, gifs, stickers, or filters are not eligible for boosting.

In addition to this, Reels which have been shared on Facebook, are not eligible - which can be a key point for many users.

“You can boost your Reels by finding the Reel in your grid in profile and tapping ‘Boost Post’. After running your ad, remember to check your Insights to learn which ads brought in the most engagement.”

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