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Facebook will verify the Identity of People Behind High-Reach Profiles

Press release by Anita Joseph, Product Manager, and Michele Paselli, Product Manager, Facebook.

Facebook want to ensure the content you see is authentic and comes from real people, not bots or others trying to conceal their identity.

In 2018, we started to verify the identity of people managing Pages with large audiences, and now we’re extending ID verification to some profiles with large audiences in the US.

Moving forward, we will verify the identity of people who have a pattern of inauthentic behavior on Facebook and whose posts start to rapidly go viral in the US.

We want people to feel confident that they understand who’s behind the content they’re seeing on Facebook and this is particularly important when it comes to content that’s reaching a lot of people. 

If someone chooses not to verify their identity or the ID provided does not match the linked Facebook account, the distribution of their viral post will remain reduced so fewer people will see it. In addition, if the person posting is a Page admin, they’ll need to complete Page Publishing Authorization and will not be able to post from their Page until their account is verified through our existing Page Publisher Authorization process. IDs will be stored securely and won’t be shared on the person’s profile. This verification process is part of our ongoing efforts to create greater accountability on Facebook and improve people’s experiences on our apps.

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