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Facebook is protecting People From Imposter Domain Names

Press release by Christen Dubois, Facebook Director and Associate General Counsel, IP Litigation

In order to prevent fraud and stop the malicious use of our company and product names, we filed a lawsuit in Virginia today against 12 domain names registered by India-based proxy service Compsys Domain Solutions Private Ltd.

The domains were designed to deceive people by impersonating our family of apps, like:, and

Facebook regularly scan the internet for domain names and apps that infringe on our trademarks and today’s lawsuit is part of this ongoing effort to protect people from phishing, credential theft and other methods of online fraud.

Facebook has filed suit after we reached out to Compsys about these domain names and did not receive any response. Registrars and proxy services have a responsibility to take down deceptive and malicious websites.

Similar lawsuits has been filed against Namecheap and OnlineNIC. Facebook will continue to take legal action to protect the people who use our services. 

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