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Getting Input on an Oversight Board

By Facebook Press

Every day, teams at Facebook make difficult decisions about what content should stay up and what should come down based on our Community Standards.

But given the size of our community — and the reach of our platform — we don’t think we should be making all of these decisions on our own.

In November, Mark Zuckerberg laid out a plan for a new way for people to appeal content decisions to an independent board. And earlier this year, we released a draft charter giving more detail about its potential structure.

Today, we’re opening a public consultation process to help us answer questions around the design for this Oversight Board. This is another part of our ongoing, global engagement with a wide range of organizations, think tanks and researchers to determine how best to empower this entity to render independent judgment on some of Facebook’s most important and challenging content decisions.

Each submission is broken into two sections: a questionnaire and free-form questions. The questionnaire responses will feed into the engagement happening in round tables and workshops around the world. The free-form questions will focus on membership, case decisions and governance, and will provide invaluable design and structural options. Responses will be accepted for the next six weeks.

We’re partnering with a team from the firm Baker McKenzie, who are providing project management support for this effort and will review each submission. In June, we’ll publish a report summarizing what we’ve learned through these submissions and in the broader conversations we’re having.

We look forward to continuing outreach and engagement that will help build a board and create accountability and oversight of our content policy and enforcement decisions.

We will continue to share milestones and progress along the way.

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