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Marking Data Privacy Day 2019

By Facebook Press

Monday is Data Privacy Day, an important time to check in with people about their privacy choices online.

Starting today and continuing over the next two weeks, we’ll invite people on Facebook to take a Privacy Checkup. We’re also launching a Privacy and Data Use Hub to make our data and privacy resources easier for businesses to find.

It’s important for people to periodically review their privacy choices to be sure they’re still the right ones — so for Data Privacy Day we’re showing people a reminder in News Feed inviting them to take Privacy Checkup.

We’ll roll this out around the world over the next two weeks to help people review:

  • Who can see their Facebook posts

  • The information on their profile and who can see it

  • The apps and websites they log into with Facebook

As a reminder, people can take the Privacy Checkup at any time.

Today we’re also launching a new Privacy and Data Use Business Hub, which centralizes resources that businesses can use to understand how they can protect people’s information when using Facebook.

This new hub contains information on topics like our Ads and Privacy Principles, how data is used in our ad products, and guidance to help companies understand rules like GDPR.

While Data Privacy Day is a good time to think about protecting your information, we’re continuing to work throughout the year to improve the privacy controls we offer on Facebook and better communicate about how we protect people’s information.

Last year we made our privacy settings easier to find, improved our tools for accessing and deleting your information, and published our Privacy Principles.

This year we’ll do more to explain how Facebook uses people’s data and provide people with more transparency and control.

For example, in the coming months we will launch Clear History, a new control to let you see the information we get about your activity on other apps and websites, and disconnect that information from your account.

For more information about how to manage your privacy on Facebook visit

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