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Sleep Mode on Messenger Kids

Messenger Kids is built for your kids. It's a safe space to chat with friends and family, but with parental control.

The Messenger Kids app has just launghed a sleep mode feature. Sleep mode allows parents to choose when the app works. With this feature parents can control when the app is "sleeping" and the kids can't use it at this time.

Parents like how Messenger Kids allows them to fully control the contact list and check in on their child’s messaging when they are not yet old enough to navigate the online world.

But parents has also expressed that they would like to control when the app is functionally and when it's not. For excample at bed time or during dinner.

Messenger Kids took this feedback to heart and built a feature that gives that level of control to parents.

With sleep mode, parents can set a designated off time and each day at the designated time, the app will “go to sleep” and not be accessible to kids during those hours. Sleep mode is controlled from the Parent Control center in the parent’s Facebook account and the “off times” can be changed at any time.

It’s simple to use, and while you can go in and adjust the times at any time, you can also just set it and forget it so you don’t have to worry about constantly monitoring and changing the controls for the app.

Here's how it works:

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