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Instagram Contest Rules

Instagram contests are very popular and a great way to get engaged users.

Actually an Instagram contests get 64 times more comments than a regular post and 3,5 times more likes.

There are 5 types of Instagram contests:

1: Like-to-win: You have to like the post in order to enter

2: Comment-to-win: You have to comment on the post to enter

3: Tag-to-win: You have to tag a friend or two, to enter

4: Photo-challenge: You have to post a photo on your own account and use the brands hashtag

5: Repost-to-win: You have to repost the image and use the brands hashtag

Learn the Instagram guidelines: You are responsible for the lawful operation of an Instagram promotion, including:

- Official rules - Offer terms and requirements - Rules and regulations governing the promotion and all prizes offered

Promotions must include: Acknowledgement that the promotion is in now way sponsored, endorsed or administered by Instagram

Tagging You should never tag people or brands in your photo and you should not encourage people to tag themselves or others in photos they’re not in.

It is allowed to tag people in the comments below the photo

We hope you learned how to use contests on Instagram.

Written by Marketing Manager Pernille Sabrina Jensen

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