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New Collection of Videos to Showcase Advertising Options

If a picture is worth a thousand words, we at Social Image know that a video can be worth even more.

We’ve seen how effective short videos are at building engagement and traffic, particularly when shared on social media.

Social Image video

This is why we’ve recently released a set of promotional videos on our YouTube channel.

We love using them in our own advertising: And they are there to show some of the possibilities for promotional campaigns we can create for our customers.

Social Image CEO Allan Loumann Lissau commented, “Our team has really enjoyed making these and showcasing their skills with a variety of approaches, including 3D animation, collages, and live acting.

We can use digital effects, editing, and musical accompaniment to create different kinds of feelings, which makes for a lot of possibility.”

These short videos are perfect for companies looking to promote a new website, event, or product.

We can also create great logo clips that are ideal for adding to the beginning of end of a regular video series.

Lissau noted that the videos can be produced very fast by using a wide selection of professional-quality stock elements. This means that we can deliver them quite quickly, so last-minute projects are welcome!

If you’d like to see what our team has been up to or are looking for some ideas for an upcoming advertising campaign, check out the Social Image YouTube channel and our latest videos.

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