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Your Instagram Posts Can Now Contain up to 10 Pics and Videos

Have you ever had a hard time deciding which great shot to post to Instagram?

Good news: you can now post multiple pictures or videos in a single post.

Instagram’s Layout tool already let users combine photos into a collage.

Instead of a collage, this new feature creates an album of pictures/videos that users can swipe through within their feed.

Instagram Posts up to 10 Pics and Videos

As the feature rolls out globally over the next couple of weeks, you’ll see a new icon (stacked squares) whenever you choose to upload a new post. You can tap this to upload up to 10 photos/videos from your phone’s gallery.

For now, they can only be posted in square format, and they’ll share a single caption. You can change the order around by tapping and holding, and you can apply filters either individually or to the whole group at once.

When you’re scrolling through your Instagram feed, you’ll notice album posts have a series of blue dots at the bottom. These let you know you can swipe through the images as a carousel, and you can like and comment on them as a single post.

Instagram Posts up to 10 Pics and Videos

Instagram suggests that the new feature is ideal for posting multiple images/videos from a single event. Or for users who want to share a series of posts as a recipe or set of instructions.

We can also see it as a nice alternative to posting a burst of posts all together; instead of clogging up your friends’ feeds with 10 separate vacation pictures.

You can put them together in one nice, swipeable post. Or just include all the different angles from your latest selfie session.

This new update works alongside Snapchat-like Stories to bring more full-bodied experiences to Instagram.

The goal is to encourage people to post some of their more casual, less polished pictures and to bring more variety to the Instagram feed.

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