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You Can Now Save Posts on Instagram

In previous versions of Instagram, if you wanted to come back to a post later, your only two options were to take a screenshot or hope you would remember where to find it.

With a small but useful update, Instagram users can now save posts to a private collection.

As you browse through your Instagram feed, you’ll now see a small bookmark icon appear on the bottom right-side of pictures.

Tapping that will add it to your personal saved posts. Then, you can look through your saved posts from your profile. You’ll find that same bookmark icon on the right side of your profile.

Your collection of saved posts is private. Unlike tagged photos, other people won’t be able to view them from your profile, and users won’t get a notification when you save their posts.

Tapping on a photo will take you to the original post, including comments. If you want to remove a post from your saved collection, you can do it by tapping on the original bookmark icon.

This may be a small change, but it’s helpful not to have to take a screenshot every time you want to save a delicious looking meal, cute hairstyle, or just a great picture of yourself.


Written by content manager Meghan Woolley

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