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Android Users Can Now Send and Receive SMS Messages through Facebook Messenger

Facebook Messenger has taken off in popularity.

But even the most enthusiastic Messenger users still have to switch back and forth between different apps to view Facebook messages and SMS texts.

Until now, that is.

Facebook announced last week that they are enabling an option to synch Messenger with SMS messages.

The feature will be optional, and "it’s only available for Android users for now".

In a post on June 14th, Facebook announced that they “want to make it easier to stay in touch with all the people you care about” by bringing all messaging together in the same place.

For users who like Messenger’s interface, this could be a helpful way to improve communications, including with friends and family members who don’t typically use Messenger.

The app will differentiate between texts and Messenger conversations; SMS messages will be in purple, and Facebook messages will stay in blue.

Otherwise, SMS messages will be presented in the same Messenger style. Users will also have the option to use Messenger’s simpler features, including images, audio, videos, stickers, emojis, and location sharing.

The more complicated abilities, such as posting GIFs and sending money, will be limited to Messenger conversations.

If you want to incorporate all your texts into Messenger, you can do so from the Messenger app’s settings.

From the settings list, tap SMS. Then turn on Messenger as your default SMS app. For now, the feature is only available to Android users, although you can send messages to users on any phone.

Facebook emphasized that they are committed to protecting users’ privacy, commenting,

“SMS in Messenger doesn't send, upload or store your conversations on Facebook servers.”


Written by content manager Meghan Woolley

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