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Social Image into New Space

2016 is going to be a big new year for Social Image, and one part of that is a new office space.

Located on Damhaven 3 in central Vejle, the new office is a large, light-filled space.

For the Social Image team, the new office is just one sign of their recent progress and their large goals for the future.

One of the defining features of the new office is its warm and energetic style. Social Image CEO Allan Loumann Lissau says that they were inspired by Google to decorate with modern, bright colors.

He noted, “There’s a lot of color to brighten up your day.”

The office is also complete with great kitchen facilities, so the Social Image team will always have enough caffeine and snacks to fuel their creativity.

Another perk of the new office is a large conference room. This will make it easy for Social Image to hold not only important meetings, but internal workshops and courses.

Lissau commented, “This space gives us the flexibility to learn and work in new ways. I’m looking forward to using it to help our team grow and to pass those benefits along to our customers.”

What’s most important about the new office is the possibility it represents for Social Image’s future. When Lissau sees the expansive office space, he thinks about the possibility to expand the company with more employees. When he looks into the conference room, he thinks about meeting with business partners in the years to come. He noted that the new office is “a big step forward,” and it seems to symbolize even more big steps to come.


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