Every Campaign Deserves a Great Landing Page

July 17, 2015


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21 August 2015


Danish social media company Social Image has announced a partnership with ShortStack, an American company specializing in social media ad campaigns. The goal of this partnership is to provide Danish advertisers with excellent landing pages through ShortStack’s services.


The partnership, acknowledged by ShortStack VP Adam Hemler and Social Image CEO Allan Loumann Lissau, will benefit both companies and their customers.


Social Image’s Allan Loumann Lissau commented, “In my opinion, ShortStack has the strongest and most flexible product for producing landing pages on both Facebook and the web.” Lissau is excited to be able to provide those landing pages to his customers in Denmark.


ShortStack stands to gain from Social Image’s local expertise and increased exposure in Denmark. Social Image will be using the domain shortstack.dk to launch ShortStack’s landing pages for Danish companies. Lissau commented, “This will be used to build further awareness of ShortStack in Denmark.”


This partnership is great news for Danish companies who wish to run social media advertising campaigns. A landing page is a stand-alone web page with a singular objective. It motivates a visitor to take a specific action, such as signing up for a newsletter, downloading content, or making a purchase.


ShortStack specializes in creating powerful landing pages that are easy to incorporate into an advertising campaign. Social Image Content Manager Meghan Woolley commented, “Every campaign needs a great landing page. ShortStack gives us the tools to create effective landing pages that will produce great conversion rates. It’s exciting that Social Image will be able to offer such a powerful tool to its customers.”


Whether you are a large company with the resources to build campaigns from the ground up, or a small business looking for easy-to-use templates, ShortStack has the features you need to create a powerful landing page. If you would like to test ShortStack for free, please visit shortstack.dk. At this address you can sign up for a free ShortStack account without any obligation.


Social Image

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