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How to Get More Facebook Followers

This week we want to follow through with some advice on how to get more followers on Facebook,

Numbers aren’t everything, but they do extend the reach of your marketing efforts.

In essence, more followers means more potential customers.

First you must make your Facebook marketing effective by:

- Post high-quality and interesting content, - Post regularly, - Use visuals, - Engage with others. However, there are some other actions you can take specifically to increase the size of your Facebook following.

Make Your Content Sharable

Every time someone shares your Facebook post, they’re exposing your Facebook page to all of their friends.

Those friends might decide to check out your page and, if they like what they find, might decide to follow you. This is one of the easiest ways to gain new followers. To make this happen, make your content as sharable as possible. Users typically like to share content with a visual aspect (pictures or videos), content that’s funny, and content that relates to recent news. Use these themes to increase your shares and, by extension, your number of followers. You can also directly ask for shares by making sharing your post part of a contest. If you offer a valuable prize, you’ll get plenty of shares.

Pay Attention to What’s Trending

Facebook’s “Trending” sidebar is a popular feature with users. It features a list of popular news topics and stories. When users click on an item, they see a selection of popular posts on the topic and a live feed of related Facebook posts. If a recently trending item is related to your brand, you can post about it and place yourself into that live feed. Users browsing through may find your page and find what you have to say interesting. It’s an easy way to expose your Facebook page to new potential followers.

Cross Promote

If you’re not already doing this, you should make sure that you are promoting your Facebook page on your other social media platforms. The first step in doing this is to add a link to your Facebook page on your website.

This can be a simple icon plugin or a Facebook like box, which enables your website visitors to like your Facebook page with a single click. You can also link to your Facebook page in posts on other social media platforms. The next time you post some great content on Facebook, try posting a link to it on Twitter. This can help you to bring followers from one platform over to the other.

On the Social Image website, a Facebook plugin allows visitors to easily see and follow our Facebook page.

For more great ideas on how to increase your Facebook followers, check out these articles from Time, Amy Porterfield, and Facebook itself.

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