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Facebook Safety Check Comes Under Criticism

Following the terror attacks in Paris, Facebook activated its Safety Check feature.

It was the first time Facebook used the feature for a human disaster. In the past, it has been activated only for natural disasters.

In a Facebook post, Alex Schultz, Facebook’s Vice President for Growth, explained, “We saw a lot of activity on Facebook…


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YouTube Launches a Standalone Music App

Music has always been a big part of YouTube.

Google has launched YouTube Music, a standalone app for iOS and Android designed specifically to help users find music videos.

YouTube explains that YouTube music will enable users to “find new artists and rediscover past favorites with personalized recommendations, trending tracks, and non-stop stations designed for a different kind of…


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What’s Going on with Twitter?

If you’ve seen any headlines about Twitter lately, they’ve probably been negative.

There’s been lots of news about Twitter’s slowing growth and dropping stock prices. The question is: why is such a popular social media platform struggling? The answer may be complicated.…


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Is Facebook Taking on Google with New Search Features?

Facebook is adding to its search feature, encouraging users to search for popular topics and news items right on the site.

In order to accomplish this, it has indexed more than 2 trillion posts, which will be accessible through the search box.

This expansion seems targeted to compete with traditional search engines, perhaps taking a percentage of searches away from Google and other competitors.…


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What Is Twitter’s New Polls Feature and How Can You Use It in Your Marketing?

On October 21st, Twitter announced that it will be rolling out a new feature, Twitter Polls, to all users.

The feature is a simple two-choice poll that you can embed directly into a tweet.

Todd Sherman, a Twitter Project Manager, explained, “For poll creators, it’s a new way to engage with Twitter’s massive audience and understand exactly what people think.

For those…


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LinkedIn Unveils Its New Mobile App, Project Voyager

Like other social media platforms, LinkedIn has gradually been seeing more and more of its traffic coming from mobile devices.

Now, the professional networking site is revamping its mobile app for a more intuitive experience.

The new, redesigned version will make core features carried over from the desktop version easier to use, and it aims to deliver a lighter, more streamlined feel.

The new version, called Project Voyager, is still in…


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Facebook Testing “Reactions”

After lots of hype over whether Facebook would be getting a Dislike button, Mark Zuckerberg has finally revealed what the new button options will be.

In a Facebook post on October 8th, he announced a test launch of Reactions: an expanded like button with new options for Love, Haha, Yay,…


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Announcing the Social Image eBay Store

At Social Image, we’re excited to announce the opening of a new eBay store, Social Image Gear.

The store features a range of exciting products, including not only IT gear but other high-quality products. The eBay store’s offerings include items such as mouse pads, headphones, computer locks, wireless mice, and golf club covers.


Social Image Content Manager Meghan Woolley commented, “It’s exciting because…


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What's Causing Facebook Outages?

On September 28th the Facebook website and app went down for most users.

This was the third Facebook outage over the past few weeks. Facebook users took refuge in other social media websites to get their fix of viral content and to vent their frustration.

While Facebook is back up and running smoothly again now, the absences make us curious about what happened and whether it’s likely to happen again.…


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Instagram Reaches 400 Million Users

Over the past couple of years, Instagram has seen almost meteoric growth.

In December of last year, we reported that Instagram had passed 300 million users.

Now, less than a year later, the app has grown to over 400 million active monthly users. Instagram announced the new milestone in a…


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Is Facebook Getting a Dislike Button? Not Quite

For years, many Facebook users have demanded a dislike button to counter the site’s famous like button.

It’s been a frequent topic of debate, and we’ve written about the possibility of Facebook developing one before.

Finally, Facebook has announced something concrete about new button options. In a Q&A session on the…


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Profile Image Sizes for all your networks

Social media profiles are often your first opportunity to make an impression. They are important.

They are the first thing people see, and often they are connected to your brand - both company and personal.

So do a checkup on all pictures. use the right sizes for best presentation.



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The Complete Guide to Successful Landing Pages [Infographic]


Please subscribe to our newsletter about social media news and strategies for social media marketing in your inbox every week.…


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Facebook Adds New Shopping Tools to Pages

Facebook is adding new tools to help businesses show Facebook users their products and services right on their Facebook Pages.

It’s part of Facebook’s strategy to keep users on Facebook by including more native features.

For businesses, it might be a great way to showcase what they offer and to increase conversions from Facebook.…


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Twitter’s Self-Service Ads Are Now Available in Over 200 Countries

On September 2nd, Twitter announced that it is expanding its self-service ads platform to more than 200 different countries and territories.

Previously available in only 33 countries, the platform will now be open to small and medium-sized businesses around the world and in 15 languages.

Twitter Ads offers businesses tools such as…


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Google Chrome Is Now Saying RIP to Flash Ads

Adobe’s Flash has been in a steady decline lately, and Google’s latest announcement may be the final nail in the coffin.

On August 27th, Google AdWords announced, “Chrome will begin pausing many Flash ads by default to improve performance for users” starting on September 1st.

This means that most Flash content on a website, such as Flash ads, will automatically…


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5 Ways to Calm Down Angry Customers on Social Media

Eighty-nine percent of customers will stop doing business with a company after receiving poor customer service.

How does this happen? It’s simple: Customers are leaving companies where management doesn’t take the time to understand their needs.[/tweetable]

The last thing any business owner wants is for his or her business to lose a customer because they were unable to deal with their angry complaint, so in this…


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Facebook Notes Is Making a Comeback as a Blogging Platform

Do you remember Facebook Notes?

In the early days of Facebook, Notes was a popular feature for text posts that were too long to fit in a status update.

People used Notes to share longer stories with their friends and to fill out light-hearted quizzes. Since then, Notes has fallen largely into disuse, and it hasn’t seen a major upgrade in years.

However, it appears that Facebook is now testing a new design for…


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Every Campaign Deserves a Great Landing Page


For immediate release

21 August 2015


Danish social media company Social Image has announced a partnership with ShortStack, an American company specializing in social media ad campaigns. The goal of this partnership is to provide Danish advertisers with excellent landing pages through ShortStack’s services.


The partnership, acknowledged by ShortStack VP Adam Hemler and Social Image CEO…


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Facebook Is Rumored to Be Testing a Stand-Alone News App

Facebook’s collection of apps looks like it will be getting bigger soon.

Business Insider recently reported that Facebook is currently testing a stand-alone news mobile app.

The app appears to be similar to Twitter. Users will be able to subscribe to publications and topics that interest them, and the app will provide short news updates with links to full…


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