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3 Predictions about Upcoming Changes to Facebook Marketing

If there’s one fixed characteristic of Facebook, it’s that it’s always changing.

These constant changes are a large part of how Facebook has stayed on top of developing tastes and remained the top social media platform over so many years.

The constant changes also make it challenging for social media marketers to adapt their strategies for success. If Facebook is central to your social media marketing, it’s important to stay on top of recent…


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PRESS RELEASE: Latest News with a Free Android App


For immediate release

21. January, 2015


Social Image Keeps you Updated On the Latest News with a Free Android App

Danish social media expert Social Image has unveiled its new app for Android. The app, Social Image News, which is free to download, offers users an easy way to stay up to date with all the latest Social Image news and articles as they are uploaded.

The free download was developed in…


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How to Get More Facebook Followers

Last week we published an article on how to get more Instagram followers. This week we wanted to follow through with similar advice on how to get more followers on Facebook, which we know forms the centerpiece of many businesses’ social media marketing efforts. Numbers aren’t everything, but they do extend the reach of your marketing efforts.

In essence, more…


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Introducing Our New App: Social Image News

We’re excited to announce the launch of our new free app, Social Image News, now available for download from the Google Play Store. 

The app makes all of our latest articles easily accessible on android phones, so you can stay informed no matter where you are.

From the app, you can read mobile-friendly versions of all of our news articles. You can scroll through our…


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Google Set to Launch Modular Phones

Since 2013, Google has been working on Project Ara, a project to create modular smartphones.

The new smartphones are made with a structural frame, which holds a number of interchangeable modules. These modules contain the standard features of a smartphone, including the display screen, battery and camera.

The major difference is that they can be customized, swapped out, and replaced. Google is marketing Project Ara as a development that will…


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Facebook Launches "Facebook At Work"

You probably wouldn’t want your boss to see you on Facebook at work. With the site’s new app launch, however, that could all change.

On Wednesday Facebook launched a new app called Facebook At Work. The app is a collaboration tool that will allow colleagues to communicate and is meant to improve productivity and communication.…


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Help to Get More Instagram Followers [INFOGRAPHIC]

Last December, Instagram hit a major milestone. The mobile photo-sharing social network reached 300 million users, passing Twitter’s number of active users.

With Instagram more popular than ever, brands and social media marketers are taking a serious look at how they can use the social network more effectively.

In today’s featured infographic,…


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How to Improve Your Social Media Engagement

If you’ve been using social media in your marketing for a while, you know it isn’t enough to simply post a lot of content.

Effective social media marketing means engaging with your followers. When your followers engage actively with your content, they might comment on it, like it, or repost it.…


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How You Can Use Action-Gating in Your Social Media Marketing

Action-gating is a popular and effective technique used in social media marketing.

Action-gating is the process of asking a follower to complete an action in order to get something. Usually, the action requested is to provide a piece of information, such as an email address or user demographics, or share an opinion or idea.

In return, the business offers something of value, such as a prize, a coupon, or a piece of content. Action-gating can be a highly…


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Social Image ønsker dig og din familie en GLÆDELIG JUL og et GODT NYTÅR

Et begivenhedsrigt år 2014. "Tiden går hurtigere og hurtigere - jo ældre jeg blir" sang GNAGS vist engang - og der er nok noget om det.

Jeg synes tiden er…


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Will We see a Facebook "Dislike" Button?

For years, many Facebook users have been clamoring for a “Dislike” button to appear alongside the “Like” button on all Facebook posts.

The Like button is meant to show support and appreciation for a post, and it factors into how prominently posts are shown in the News Feed.

Users hope that a Dislike button could serve the opposite purpose by showing disapproval of posts -  they don’t like and making them less likely to stay in the News Feed. Facebook,…


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Instagram Passes 300 Million Users

In a blog post this week, Instagram CEO Kevin Systrom revealed that Instagram has passed the 300 million user mark.

Instagram is a free photo and video sharing service where users can edit pictures and then share them on social media. The app is popular for its filters, many of which give photos an artsy or vintage vibe. In addition to sharing pictures through social media, such as Facebook (which owns the site) and Tumblr, Instagram also makes it possible for users…


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PRESS RELEASE: English Language News Service


For immediate release

9. December, 2014

Social Image Launches its English Language News Service

Danish social media specialist Social Image has announced its decision to deliver all its news stories in English.

Social Image provides training, consultation and support for businesses which want to promote themselves via their Facebook pages as well as those…


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Facebook Marketing for the Christmas Holidays

The christmas holidays are a busy time for both consumers and businesses. People are doing a lot of online shopping for both goods and services, and they’re in a festive mood. You can take advantage of the holiday atmosphere to promote your business this winter. The following ideas can help you tune your Facebook marketing strategies in to the holiday season.


Give Your Profiles a Festive Look

Updating your profile picture and cover image with a…


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Google Simplifies reCAPTCHA Robot Test

Most internet users, at one point or another, have been frustrated by a tricky CAPTCHA test.

CAPTCHA (which stands for Completely Automated Public Turing test to tell Computers and Humans Apart) is meant to distinguish human users from robots posing as humans.

This is an important function to keep websites secure and to prevent “click fraud,” when a computer program automatically and continuously clicks on pay-per-click ads to generate profits. The standard…


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How to Grow Your Social Media Presence

Having a strong presence on social media is a great way to engage with more consumers and build your business. You can reach new audiences, promote your products and services, and establish yourself as a leader in your industry.

Social media is one of the best ways to develop a base of customers or fans who are engaged with your business. Sometimes, however, it can feel like your social media presence isn’t paying off. Don’t worry; it may take some patience and consistent work, but…


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Facebook Reducing Promotional Content in the News Feed

Facebook is constantly working to survey their users’ experience and keep users happy with how they interact with the website.

Their recent surveys have found that users are dissatisfied with the amount of promotional material they see on their News Feed.

Pages are a way to follow famous figures, organizations, media, and businesses that you like and would like to see updates from. It’s a good way for fans to stay connected with their favorite…


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Google Improves the Technology of its Project Loon

So far, there’s hasn’t been much buzz about Google’s Project Loon, but recent developments mean that the project may soon be ready for major deployment and could make a big difference in internet access around the world. Project Loon is an attempt to fill in the gaps in the world’s internet. According to Google, two-thirds of the world’s population does not have reliable access to the internet. Google’s response is a network of balloons, which work with telecommunications antennas to spread…


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Facebook Makes Groups a Stand-Alone App

Great News for Facebook Groups.

On Tuesday November 18th, Facebook announced that they are rolling out a new stand-alone app for Facebook Groups.

Groups have always been a popular feature on Facebook, allowing users to communicate, share, and create plans with multiple people at once.

Anyone can create and manage a group on Facebook. They are popular for school and university clubs, groups of coworkers, classmates, and even friends or family who…


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5 Ways to Make Your Marketing Mobile Ready

Mobile can’t be ignored, it can only be embraced.

We’ve put together five ways you can make sure your marketing materials are mobile ready. Each suggestion is backed by a statistic just in case you haven’t been convinced of the importance of mobile!



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